Current Issues


Hunt item script - there has been an issue with the hunt item script where it has been given duplicates of the gifts. New updated hunt items have been sent to the store owners so items will be fixed ASAP.
Please do not hasstle the store owners regarding the issue, please forward and queries or concerns to Evelyn Hartshon or Isabelli Anatine.

2. Dear Deer - No longer in the hunt
5. Divine Diamond Productions - Script not working
18. Lil Things - New Location
25. Bersadia's Boutique - Item not out
26. OX Apparel - New location
37. Whimsical Fashions - There is a fixed landing point. You will see a teleport board when you land. Click 'Shops' on it and it will take you to the shop.
40. Reboot - Skip
42. spoiled

This post will be updated as soon as issues are fixed - please be patient.

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